Rob Bryanton

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

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In 2006, author/composer Rob Bryanton launched a website which has captured the imaginations of people around the world: “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” ( Its companion book has been sold in 42 countries, and the 11-minute animation showing his “new way of thinking about time and space” has been seen by millions of fans and translated into ten languages (so far).

Now, with this follow-up book, Bryanton collaborates with visual artist Marilyn E. Robertson to create a playful exploration of the nature of reality that incorporates the latest thinking from leading edge science into this unique way of visualizing reality, and shows how those ideas translate to our everyday experience. “O is for Omniverse” looks like a kids’ alphabet book, but the ideas it holds within are very large: these are “new ways of thinking about the really BIG picture”.

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