Sonia Anear

Hyde Park QLD Australia

Health & Wellbeing Consultant

I’m Sonia Anear, and I help people just like you to find your inner peace and fulfilment, whilst still nurturing your drive to achieve, to learn, and to do what you do best.

I can teach you how to bring yourself into the present moment, to find that sense of inner peace and fulfilment in even the most challenging situations.

I am a facilitator of calm and clarity for the busy person, bringing together meditation, mindfulness, yoga and other healing modalities.

Areas of Expertise

Health and wellbeing programs including education and practical tools and skills, including:

• Corporate Wellbeing
• Wellness Coaching
• Mindfulness Practices
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Reiki
• Nutrition
• Therapeutic Massage
• Occupational Health
• Program Management
• Ergonomics
• Injury Prevention
• Industrial Safety
• Risk Management
• Safety Management
• Rehabilitation
• Strategic Planning

Professional Affiliations

Books by Sonia Anear