Steve Anderson worked primarily in the conventional medium of Black and White silver-based photography and color film for the last 30 years as he explored the natural landscape of the local mountains and the Sierra Nevada. The last 10 years have opened new avenues of expression through digital photography and inkjet printing.

Steve’s images reflect a love of natural and manmade places. For many years he has been an enthusiastic hiker and mountaineer, frequently exploring the local mountains at all times of the year. Many of his images reflect a sense of quietness and peace that he feels while in these magic places.

“I derive my energy and enthusiasm from nature and from things that tell stories. I give back what I absorb in my encounters with the natural world with images that I hope define the moment and inspire the viewer. It is never just one thing that touches me when I try to capture a moment, but always a vast array of emotional and photographic textures.

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