Kim McElroy

Kingston, WA

KIM McELROY is renowned for her equine art. ~ for over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse's form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul.

Now in this exciting collection, Kim shares her artwork along with writings that celebrate her passion for horses; a passion that is fueled by her own inspirations and profound journeys of healing. Her lifelong love of horses and her desire to communicate her intuitive understanding of their wisdom combines with her creative gifts to imbue her artwork with the spirit of the horse.

These writings were created from Kim's weekly e-inspirational emails - Please visit Kim's website to sign up for her free E-Inspirations and enjoy her other offerings. Also enjoy her blog at www.spiritofhorseblog.com

Books by Kim McElroy