Stephen Rivers

Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Stephen was born January 7 1967. His father was an Accountant and his mother was a retired School teacher and is the youngest of four children. Stephen got his high spirited adventurous, creative side from his mother, And from his father analytical process.
Stephen likes to capture the attention of people. One time riding in the old family car he saw a lady driving behind them. Stephen turns to his brother and said “I bet you I can make the lady look down” his brother squinting with disbelief. Stephen said “You have to do what I say, now look to the sidewalk and point”, both boys looked to the sidewalk and pointed. Slowly the lady curiosity got to her and she twisted and bent herself to look at what the two little boys were looking at. This is one of the things Stephen try’s to do with his painting is to get people to look at his painting. And to grasp the whole meaning of a painting.

In 2004 is when he started to paint prolifically giving his mind eye to the world.

Books by Stephen Rivers