Stacy Boorn

San Francisco, CA, USA

STACY BOORN has been a photographer and an ordained pastor for 22 years and now serves an emerging feminist congregation – Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran in San Francisco. Both passions (thealogy and photography) developed together. Stacy considers her photography a form of visual spirituality. Presently her subject matter is primarily nature and fine art photography but she also seeks the beauty of the city and its surrounding diversity. Stacy is a past president of San Francisco’s Photochrome, a 70 year old slide/imaging society. and founder of A Woman’s Eye Gallery, a co-op of 5 photographers.

Her published images and articles have appeared in Bay Nature, Petersen's Photographic, Nature Photographer, Popular Photography, California Wild, GRIP, Earth Light, The Photographic Society of America Journal, and several contests. In addition to photography Stacy is developing a goddess rosary and “SHE Who Is” meditation for all faiths. VISIT

Books by Stacy Boorn