Shawn Christensen

Scappoose, Oregon, U.S.A.

As a father, and photographer. This book captures the essence of what I have felt over the years as I have watched and recorded sunsets and sunrises in the Pacific Northwest with my camera. I was once asked, “ Why do you like them so much?” Well my answer is this, “A sunrise represents a new beginning in every-ones life for that day, a beginning with which you have the choice to do right or do wrong, then at the end of the day you know when the sunsets you have a choice to set things straight with those around you either by forgiving them of something, or its you yourself asking for forgiveness of them. Nature reveals allot of God’s character to us if we just open our eyes and look around.” This book is just my own interpretation of some of that beauty and what I have learned. What you find, either here, or in your own travels through Gods beautiful world, is up to your walk with Him.

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