NO COMPUTER, Handmade Cut & Paste Collage

By deftly wielding a razor blade Dominique™ deconstructs mainstream magazines and creates provocative collages. His emotionally charged works blend images of beauty and fashion in surreal and sometimes sexual forms providing a complex reinterpretation of our media. (Quote by Simon Winder)

"raw" as in "fearless" and "unapologetic"
(Quote by Spacebomb)

A lot of my work is channeled. I'm just a medium for the general consciousness. I am funny, both peculiar & haha. I like to think the work is a little disturbing like that itchy tag in the back of the shirt, it starts small and then builds to an intensity that promotes action. The original title (and actual reference to the prefixed numbered pieces) is "CatalystKomics" a serial publication i started with John R. back in 1984. My art maybe a reflection/projection of me.

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