Deborah Passero Streb

Rochester, New York USA

After having worked with attorneys for 25 years and a telecommunications company for 10 years, I have found a new career in Real Estate. I obtained my Real Estate License in 2009 and have been working for Magellan Real Estate and Relocation, Inc. as Office Manager for four years now. As Magellan has expanded its practice and moved into our new offices, I believe I have brought a vast knowledge of real estate, legal matters, organization, timeliness and a great ethical sense of responsibilty to the office. Our agents have come to depend on me to see to their needs and respond efficiently. In many ways, I am the "face" of the company and strive to always put my best foot forward in all dealings, both with agents and the public.

In 2009 I lost my son Adam to cancer after an eight year battle. I decided to write this book in a step to help me both grieve his loss and celebrate his life. Carpe Diem sweet boy!

Books by Deborah Passero Streb