Mark Siska

Chicago, IL

Mark Siska's Studio 207 is a Chicago based video documentary and film production company, shooting studio, sound recording studio and an art gallery concentrating on local and international art work. The gallery is currently representing artist from Belgium, Paris, Austria, Berlin, Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, and NY

Studio 207 offers 24p digital video production, high definition, 35 mm and 16 mm services and production: From documentation of a story, to preserving and archiving digitally, to documentation of live events, shooting narrative films, encoding video for the web, content development, production , studio voice over sound recording, live event audio recording, pro tools, audio archiving, audio cleanup and mastering, distribution and management.

Studio 207 gallery presents video/film programs, installation, painting and photography exhibitions. Studio 207 1000 square foot gallery space is equipped with high definition video projection.

Books by Mark Siska