Susi Knight


Arriving to Tuscany by way of New Mexico thirty years ago, Susi has divided her time between working as an administrative assistant for a large Italian firm and her second ‘life’ as graphic artist, designer, writer and photographer. Always intrigued by indigenous art, culture and the more extravagant, sharp edged beauties of mother nature, her love of the Southwest and Tuscany is slowly being replaced by her love of New Zealand. This fascination has brought her into contact with the incredible men and women who worked behind the scenes and in front of the camera on Peter Jackson's film trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' and she has since brought out a series of books for LOTR actors and stuntlords. Travels include the USA, Europe and New Zealand. Have camera...will travel...
On the home front, music has, and always will, play an important part in her life as do books, a black cat, future white English Bull Terrier puppy, and a longbow.

Books by Susi Knight