Megan Sue Miller


She's an optimist, a heavy tipper, and a do-it-yourselfer. She's from a family of heroes and rockstars. She's a little sister and a feng shui expert. She has been a designer since the time she started eating solid foods. She loves what she does.

Inspired by nearly every medium involving art, creation, science, fashion. Working for herself in Boise Idaho as a professional hair and makeup artist. She's grown her business of dedicating time to her treasured clients to educate, inspire, and uplift while creating completely-custom new hair and makeup looks all with excitement, passion, and hard work.

Hillary Bonine:
With nearly a decade of experience pursuing her passion of makeup artistry, Hillary's commitment and zeal for the arts and aesthetics is far-reaching. From special effects, editorial, and bridal looks to the mastery of the science of color & contour, she is fervently fine-tuning her trade and yearning for more.

Books by Megan Sue Miller