Su Garfinkle

Arncliffe, NSW, Australia

English born artist and photographer Su Garfinkle adopted the name Sugar Finkle after a boarding pass on a Japanese airplane accidently re-named her.
In 1979 she graduated from Darby College of Art, with a diploma in Creative Photography and moved to Los Angeles. With little money, trying to survive in the city was a struggle, and it was then she started creating her drawn diaries. The diaries were a cathartic release for her as she went through periods of extreme depression.
As an artist she expressed herself both in drawings and photography. The drawings were an expression of her inner emotions whilst her travel photography captured the world around her.
Due to the heavy smog in Los Angeles she was hospitalised every month with severe asthma attacks, which finally made her move to San Francisco. Five years later she “left her heart in San Francisco” and relocated to New York where she resided for eight years. During that period she travelled widely including to South East Asi

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