Sunny van Zijst

Achel, Belgium

Trained as a theatrical designer at the Fontys Academy for Plastic Arts in Tilburg, the Netherlands, the development of Sunny van Zijst as plastic artist clearly shows that –fortunately- theatre, in itself, has nothing to do with stage sets or actors in costumes, contrary to what is generally regarded as its sole end result.” As Mireille Houtzager writes about Van Zijst’s work. “In fact, true theatre –real drama- is played out in depiction of the interaction between things and people. She has fully grasped not only the message to be conveyed but also the medium used to put it across and the difference between appearance and substance. Van Zijst knows how to transform her narratives, her stories and her messages onto matter which is charged with tension and suspense, matter infused with imagination and form. Playing with expectations and effects, causing the forces of repulsion and attraction to inspire the revulsion which goes with goosepimles and the awe.

Books by Sunny van Zijst