Tracy Della Vecchia

Columbia, Missouri, USA

I'm a web developer by trade and married to a programmer who also happens to be my best friend and the love of my life. He's from Italy so we travel frequently and have great opportunities to snap lots of photos. I founded a national organization to support Marine Corps families whose sons and daughters are deployed overseas. Currently takes most of my time. Some day I hope to get back to the creative side of me and do more preservation of moments so they won't be lost in time like "tears in rain". I have about a half dozen or so books I'd love to write. I need to retire from the work world first though. I love to take photos and have literally thousands to publish of my travels to Italy, Washington DC, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, and more. Photo books will be what I publish for now. I hope to travel more some day and hope to write and write and write...

Books by Tracy Della Vecchia