Murni Mastan


Murni Mastan (aka Mo Selle) is a Singapore based multi-disciplinary visual artist. The genesis of her artistry derives from synchronicity between philosophy, spirit of art, culture and the evocation of music. As a VJ, she redefines the purpose of existence through various rites of passage by watching the procreation of sound and light. Her intent to demystify technology results in unwitting hypnosis on the tip of her triggers.

Helming the booth of Ministry Of Sound 2005-2008, Mo works alongside top name DJ's from all over the world weekly. She also came from various spectrum. Her contribution in the industry inclusive of media consultation and music / film event management via SAE Institute (School Of Audio Engineering), live visual theater performances, to a much more intensified present quest, tipping cultural anthropology through stories as a freelance screenwriter and film director. After a formal training in Multimedia, she is now on her journey for her education in Film Arts.

Books by Murni Mastan