Svetlana Frolova


Blending an acute approach that combines modern photojournalism and portraiture photography, Svetlana Frolova is a wedding and bridal photographer based in Austin, Texas. Her expertise in wedding and bridal photography is in a word, exceptional. Her work has been featured on CNN International and her award nominations include the People's Choice Award for Best Photographer during Austin Fashion Week in 2010.

With a professional portfolio that spans the globe and includes the villages of India to the countryside and people of her Russian homeland, her work captures the essence of the human spirit. Her aesthetic with regard to bridal and wedding photography centers on the interaction of movement and emotion, which as she explains 'Capturing an image, even if that image is not moving at the moment the shutter opens must seek to evoke these two essential components of movement and emotion....movement in the sense that it may have just occurred or is about to combined with the inherent

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