Michael Skoglund

New York, USA

Grandma is my biggest inspiration for cooking, loved to be in her kitchen as a kid.
I dreamt of becoming a baker when growing up and went to Culinary School in Sweden thirty five years ago.
Never liked the restaurant kitchen stress though.
Twenty years ago I became a photographer.
Always loved photography but was discouraged by a job coach in my late teens.
“There are no jobs for photographers!” she said. I took her word for it.
A few years later I decided to go for it anyway.
Enrolled in photography school in Sweden. One of the teachers told me about a school in New York. I applied and got in,1993 I did a one-year program at ICP, International Center of Photography.
Love kept me in the Big Apple.

I did my dog years.
Now I make a living doing mostly wedding portraits.
My family tree is now in 3 different parts of the world.
Sweden, Spain and New York.

Home for me is in Manhattan, where I live in the West Village.

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