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Michael Skoglund
Blurbarian Since June 2012
Name Michael Skoglund
My Web Site www.mskoglund.com www.michaelskoglund.com
Location New York, USA
Gender Male
My Occupation Photographer
My Bio Grandma is my biggest inspiration for cooking, loved to be in her kitchen as a kid.
I dreamt of becoming a baker when growing up.

I went Culinary School in Sweden thirty years ago.
Never liked the restaurant kitchen stress though.
Twenty years ago I became a photographer.
Always loved photography but was discouraged by a job coach in my late teens.
“There are no jobs for photographers!” she said. I took her word for it.
A few years later I decided to go for it anyway.
Enrolled in photography school in Sweden. One of the teachers told me about a school in New York. I applied and got in,1993 I did a one-year program at ICP, International Center of Photography.
Love kept me in the Big Apple.

I did my dog years.
Now I make a living doing mostly wedding portraits.
My family tree is now in 3 different parts of the world.
Sweden, Spain and New York.

"happy-land" for me right now is in Manhattan, where I live, me and my hubby.