Celeste Langston (Hudson) MBA, PhD

Garden City, NY

Celeste Langston shares insights and tips on healthy living so you can enjoy life to its fullest. Miss Hudson uses all aspects of her background to provide useful content. Background includes:

CORPORATE: Senior Specialist for Database Management & Marketing for the world's largest document processing firm.

MBA - Adelphi University, Garden City, NY (GPA: 4.0)
Doctor of Naturopathy - Clayton College - in progress
B.S. Management & Communication - Adelphi University, NY
R.N. Program - Nassau College, NY
Sacred Heart Academy
American Management Courses

ACTRESS: Actress for Television Series documenting relic hunters worldwide - see

FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE: Gained first hand experience in the detrimental effects of not eating properly (observing patients during her Registered Nurse training).

COMMUNICATION STYLE: Makes the complex easy... so readers can understand the hard facts, benefits, and recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

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