Tamera Nielsen

Glenville, NC

Fusion Yoga and Wellness Coach/Wellness Speaker/Author and former Business Development Consultant of 25-years, Tamera Nielsen helps individuals attain and maintain optimum wellness, despite any challenge through a dynamic, nurturing blend of mind-body wellness exercises.

"I see diamonds in disaster." ~ Tamera Nielsen

Out of a sheer will to survive adversities such as, life-threatening illnesses, disability, abuse, and more, Tamera developed ways to live a healthy, abundant life on every level. She uses this knowledge to help others through her yoga and wellness programs, books, workshops, and retreats. A compassionate connector of people, creator of solutions, and empathetic coach, Tamera buoys spirits and - with seeming ease - helps other's navigate situations be they complex or mundane to achieve their goals of optimum wellness.

For information on Yoga Sessions and Wellness Workshops, please visit: www.FeelWellYoga.com

Books by Tamera Nielsen