Tim Bowman

Hong Kong

Tim Bowman is a multi award winning freelance photographer, who is always interested in taking on new projects. He fell in love with the idea of photography when he discovered quite early on he was not very good at drawing, but it wasn't until 2001 that he really fell in love with capturing the world around him.

Tim enjoys variety in his photographic diet covering everything from kickboxing to weddings (never both at the same time), travel to still life, street to rock climbing and much more. Tim's images have been printed in a huge variety of publications ranging from sporting and lifestyle magazines to corporate publications.

Tim also enjoys introducing others to the wonderful world of photography by teaching workshops. He aims to make photography as simple as possible for beginners as he understands how off putting all the jargon, settings and manuals can be. His popular one day introductory workshops cover the basics of using a DSLR.

Books by Tim Bowman