Tommi Brem

Neu-Ulm, Germany

contemporary art collector and maker, science fiction reader and collector, book maker, poetry & prose writer, busy with projects all of the time, archive-nut.

I've produced a Frank Zappa musical in 2003. I translated and published a Tom Waits biography in 2009 (with Daniel Knapp). I did not walk to Burning Man in 2012.

Blurb History:
2: A collection catalog of 162 vintage science-fiction book covers, available for the world to buy. Copies ordered for myself: One advance to proof-read, 4 final copies. Production speed: A++ / Quality: A++

1: Private photo book. Stnd. landscape, hardcover image wrap.
Copies ordered: 4 / Production speed: A++ / Quality: A+

Books by Tommi Brem