Battling BloodSugars

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Want to know more about how Diabetic Alert Dogs Work?
How Type 1 Diabetes looks from a D.A.D's point of View?
What life is like for Shugga and his T1D?

This beautifully illustrated book playfully takes the reader through the adventures of Shugga's life with his Chosen 1. This is based on true life and it feels this way as the author gives Shugga a voice to share their story and inspire Type 1 Diabetics that are either newly diagnosed, living with T1D for years, or potentially interested in having a Diabetic Alert Dog of their own.

Shugga's "Chosen 1" has been battling bloodsugars for over 30 years and the hope of Batting BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time is to Inspire, Educate, Inform, and Motivate - Shugga believes all ages will love his book!

Find out this and more when you read "Battling BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time".

Areas of Expertise

Type 1 Diabetes (34 Years) & Diabetic Alert Dogs (5 Years)

Public Speaking - Want to know more about D.A.D's and how they work? Want to hear more of our story, how we train, work and interact as a team? Looking for a motivational talk/discussion that leaves you inspired?

Personal Coaching - From newly diagnosed to new service dog or battling the emotional rollercoasters of T1D, we are hear to connect and know what's it's like. Check out our website and send a request there

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