The Lost Symmetry


It began in 2002.

Art lives in Poznan, Poland; Thibaut lives in Paris, France.
They both submitted their images to photo websites. When one begins to take photos they feel a need to know what other people think of their work.

Very soon Art and Thibaut began to comment on each other's images and realized that their work related to the other's; they realized that there was a connection between their
images. They began to converse for hours about technique, the meaning of photography, and the meaning of life.

In 2008, they felt a strong desire to share their images with the world by creating the extraordinary object. Album with their photo works that combines in a very poetical way the lost symmetry of their souls. So this work is by two people who have never met but who wanted to collaborate in an artistic and thoughtful manner.

In these times of fast and superficial contacts between people, they want to return to something more concrete. This book is a tactile version of the interne

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