Ted Forbes

Dallas, TX

Ted Forbes has been shooting photographs most of his life. "The first time I saw Arnold Newman's famous Stravinsky portrait", he recalls, "I knew I wanted to make pictures. Specializing in fine art images, Forbes' subjects range from still-life and portraiture to architectural and landscape works. His work is deeply rooted in historical photographic processes and takes his cue from masters such as Fox Talbot, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tom Baril, Karl Blossfeldt, Michael Kenna and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Forbes graduated from the University of North Texas in 1996. He's been an adjunct faculty member at Brookhaven College since 2002 and currently acts as MultiMedia producer for the Dallas Museum of Art. His work can be found on his personal website http://focus.nu and he also teaches a photography master class podcast entitled "The Art of Photography" thru http://thePublicBroadcast.com.

Books by Ted Forbes