Thatcher Keats


Thatcher Keats is a self-taught photographer who references both popular and sub-cultures, as well as the history of photography in his work.
Much of what characterizes Keats’s work is his ability to gain the
confidence of a wide and varied demographic through his subjects. Cute
children, scoundrels, housewives, and monks are just a beginning to the
various people he has photographed. His images demonstrate a compassion and a confidentiality that embraces the larger human family in all its strengths and frailties.
Visually, these pictures are complex and poetic
images that use often-dramatic lighting to emphasize action and reaction. His work has been exhibited at ClampArt, The Christopher Henry Gallery, The Bronx Museum, The National Arts Club, Fashion Moda and, to name a few. He has been published in magazines from Vanity Fair to Vice to Italian Vogue. He has received a BCA grant and Yaddo residencies. His book CONFIDENCE GAMES was published by CHARTA in 2006.

Books by Thatcher Keats