Oshilaja Hemsley


My art is more akin to spiritual practice as it allows me to see beyond the physical and to enter other realms and journey through expanded visions of consciousness. It takes me to a world infused with colour and light, symbols and etheric forms. I tell stories with my pastel paintings. They are narratives layered with colour and emotion, symbolic expressions of my travels and observations, and sometimes insightful studies of humanity and our body language.
As an intuitive painter, form emerges on a blank “canvas” through the layering of colour, (in the more traditional methods of Abstract Expressionism), a technique which renders a translucent, metamorphic quality to my chosen medium of soft pastels on paper. Through the visible strokes of my working process, there is a vibrancy and rhythm that’s wholly sensual… a timeless and contemporary feeling of movement in each painting, reflecting and celebrating the constant transformation of our emotional landscapes.

Books by Oshilaja Hemsley