Monaliza Morris

Dallas, TX

"i believe that anything you create should be both necessary and useful, if it’s both necessary and useful, then do not hesitate to make it beautiful." – design house stockholm

i have over ten years in both art direction and design. i've chosen to work at small-to medium-sized studios to gain the most experience with a wide range of collaborators, clientele, and processes. i can multi-task various aspects of advertising from sales to client service to production and pre-press.

i have learned to be an effective designer you must communicate how the client wants to be portrayed to their target audience while fulfilling the concept visually. my understanding of client needs builds lasting relationships. it is important to speak about your ideas and display all the key benefits that represent the company in a conceptual presentations. my knowledge about the product reinforces my ability to articulate my ideas and close the deal.

in a studio or agency environment one must be versatile.

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