The Nxt Level


Mario Coleman a-k-a "The Nxt LeveL" surfaced onto the spoken word scene in 1996 with his provocative, erotic poetry. Today, his blend of passion filled eroticism continues to stimulate and burn on the hearts and minds of today’s women. The Nxt LeveL writes and speaks as if each poem was crafted and designed especially for each woman, His blend of eroticism is said to be, "disarming, seductive, arresting, atmospheric, visual and very intimate."

Whether on line or when The Nxt LeveL is in live performance, The Nxt LeveL’s fan base has remained loyal and continually yearns for more. Hearing their pleas and wanting to take his words and message to the next level, Mario envisioned the unique concept of intertwining his erotic poetry with original colorful musical tones, hot beats, and dynamic tempos that would compliment each other perfectly.

Out of this union of words and music, The Nxt LeveL's book & premiere cd, "Sensual Whispers" was born!