San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA

Left and right brained.

Photography has always been a hobby. Ever since the first digital cameras came out in 2000/2001 it started with a pocket camera, then a point-and-shoot and finally a DSLR. Mostly sport, art, culture, and events take up most of the subject matter--rather think outside the box than be constrained to just one topic.

Back in the day, had an old Canon A-1 but not anymore. Took a long time until finally got a DSLR not so long ago. However, the one thought about taking photos is so as long as it's fun--and gotta love what you're doing.

There's better photogs (yes and I'd rather defer to them) but the great part is having an eye and making it a work of art--even if it's just one average person with a camera.

Well, enjoy my sights and scenes.

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