We write words. Words that are simple and engaging. That is what we do at themybigtoecompany.

Our aim is to help our clients say what they need to say – simply. And in a way that engages those who listen. In today’s business world, the act of communication is characterised by the use of jargon, management speak and mumbo-jumbo.

Everything we write has impact – tells a story. We use clean, simple words. For communication to engage an audience, we often find simple is best. The writer, Ernest Hemingway, was once challenged to write a novel in just six words. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.

Simple words – yet utterly engaging. We can but hope to be remembered in the same way. But that is our dream. To write simple words that make a lasting impression. We also do great books too, thanks to Blurb!

Areas of Expertise

writing, copy, wordsmithing, magazines, websites, newsletters... and of course Blurb-inspired books!

Books by themybigtoecompany