'Rising star' Dazed and Confused May 2007
'Cult photographer' Myspace July 2008

After shooting for only 3 years, 'The Mofo' has earned a place as one of London's fastest rising photographers.

The Mofo has already attracted interest from the likes of Dazed and Confused and Myspace, with both featuring him as a rising talent.

Mofo's images have a very personal, and sometimes voyeuristic appeal with subjects ranging from personal friends and societies elite to models in seedy hotel rooms and girlfriends in his bedroom.

It is because of this he has rapidly gained a reputation for his honest, direct approach to photography surpassing many of his contemporaries and creating work that is both recognizable and memorable.

Mofo recently held his first exhibition of his collection of photographs in Londons's Shoreditch hottest gallery Behind the Shutters and also a press launch on 4th December 2008.