Center of Truth, Speak Your Truth

Tehachapi, California, USA

The center seeks to be a living example of, 'you reap what you sow', in each moment, by planting real seeds on a farm and, simultaneously, planting seeds of prayer. 
We vision to be in Tehachapi, California on a mountain top with a large lot of land to build a farm and a meditation retreat. A place where individuals can come and heal. The Center will have an organic farm that will be worked by those retreating there in the sacred silence. Each seed planted will be planted with a seed of prayer for the unfoldment of that individual's soul. In meditation, each seed planted will represent the seed sown by the individual's spiritual practice. The seed will blossom and produce abundant fruit, as so as their life will too.  

Areas of Expertise

Education M. ed., Criminology, Teaching, Spirituality, D.D, Author

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