About the Author

Heath Cawood
Blurbarian Since April 2012
Name Heath Cawood
Location Portland, OR
Gender Male
My Occupation Convicted Dreamer & Author
My Bio written in a brazen forum. these are unbareHELLilitating terrors slashed out in conformed ink; my rants/ramblings to make it through today to an inevitable tomorrow. "fuc!k !you." a dream has risen in a Se7en of grime toiling illicitly, rooting calm tissu|nnerv ng. intended to impact you; not the world, to clutch a resonating pulse or indulgence. this is my vigilance/vengeance over myself with a name and a face. i'm still standing after all of this shit/turmoil.
self-damnation has it's girls, ___________, liquor, beer. .. . ibuprofen.
it doesn't have an exit sign, illegal.
enter and 2:30- 7 am.[closed]. are the only signs printed.
HELL is welcoming
say what you want and the guy from legend presses a floor number.
it looks like a blacked out hallway
, candle flames wisps for air,
lungs folding into their selves struggling.
if you don't mind memory ________, bl ncs.
"What the fuck."; diverge.
it kept me alive when i was fighting, desce.. . I.lo. .. .s. .
; savage.

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
puzzles/mind fucks and conceptions weave through out all of books. all individual in construction. developing into an introspective horror series of a mans self constricting constraint. let your mind melt and see what the puzzles reveal to [you].. the first, second, thir.. . .time. it might appear different from a distance and then broken down. how can these chaoticly resided letters amount to a decoded message/expression/words.
Everyone needs to know about these authors and artists...
I prayed for death by convenience and cancer. for twentyesque years i held this fucking shit in and ten years after prying for exstinction i survived through massacring mutilation and one point looking in the mirror, someone else was there. expelling my toment in seven books of immense turmult the mental constructions are forming foundations, sprouting like a rose whose seed was cracked by HELL fire. We cope, we transcend. breathing nitros oxygen invades my lungs- mental constructs (burgendy)
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
a catalyst into devoid human juxtaposed turmoil we repress, diverge, or are fortunate enough to not feel it's infliction. these books are of the experiences that we are plagued in one context, level of the spectrum or another. explicit language and context is vividly depicted, drawn with words with brazen HELL flames culminating a child's expanding/meticulously mutating/carnivorous mind of a rampant forest fire spreading fevers across the land. revision through scorched ashes and new growth.