Stephanie Kendall

Toddville, MD USA

I was born in Belgium in 1967, my parents are American. My father was on a business trip there. We moved to Maryland in 1971. I have a dual citizenship and grew up speaking both English and French. I grew up in Rockville and spent all my summers on the Chesapeake Bay (on my father's boat in Deale and vacationing in the Cliffs). I was the youngest person to pass the Boating & Seamanship course at age 9. I had a license to drive a powerboat at that age. I have always had a passion for the water, nature, animals, photography and art. I am rarely seen without a camera. Friends used to call me "The Fuje", as in Fujifilm. My first camera was my dad's 1955 Canon SLR. I had a 10-year career as a Veterinary Technician but now I raise fancy poultry (chickens & ducks) and make jewelry and immerse myself in my photography & art. I married my best friend Richard in 2009. We have a menagerie of pets.

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