Tom Medvedich Photography, LLC

New York, NY

Tom Medvedich is at the forefront of photography's new generation. His imagery rides the line between gritty and glossy, producing intense portraits that create a gripping emotional connection with the viewer.

Medvedich's work continually deconstructs the cliche of photographers having to be specialized in only one shooting category. His images have been featured on multiple covers of The Source Magazine as well as in a worldwide campaign with Malibu Rum, which spanned 23 countries. Tom has also contributed to publications such as SPIN, Wonderland, Mass Appeal, Swindle, Inked, Resource, NJ Monthly, and American Spa Magazine, respectively. He is currently working on two books; NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, which showcases landscapes from places that he has visited and photographed over the years, and FRIENDLY FIRE, which is a project that examines the wide range of his social network by featuring portraits as well as an item that defines them. Both books are slated for release in 2009.

Areas of Expertise

Still life, portraiture, landscapes.

Professional Affiliations

Malibu Rum, The Source Magazine, SPIN Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Mass Appeal Magazine, Swindle Magazine, Inked Magazine, Resource Magazine, NJ Monthly Magazine, and American Spa Magazine

Books by Tom Medvedich Photography, LLC