Joseph Reynolds II

Plano, TX USA

For once each year over the past fourteen years I have found myself making the long haul flight over the Atlantic to Europe. At first, these travels began as solo adventures with me living out of a backpack and visiting a number of countries. I then decided that it would be nice to have someone to accompany me on my travels and soon I had a friend joining me. After that, it was my sister and then it was a couple of my nephews.

The need in me to travel, I would say, stems from being an Army brat. My family moved a number of times during my formative years growing up, so I've always felt that there should be some sort of location movement in my life. I wasn't crazy about always being uprooted and then settling somewhere, only to have it happen again, but being older and having a permanent location to live in, travel and then come back to is much, much better.

I hope to create a few more books in the future showing the images of what I've seen during my travels. Stay tuned!