Joshua Ghost

Rollins, Montana

Hello :) , I'm Josh. I have been on blurb for a while now, and have written a LOT of books, but am just now finally getting down to the SELLING of them. I only have one up now, but there are more to come.

I have been in love with writing for a very long time and taught myself everything I know about it. I love horror the most, but can also enjoy a good romance book, how about you?

I love to draw, sing, play piano, read and of course, WRITE BABY! Pleas enjoy my books and give me some feed back! I would honestly love it more if you read the first, no-perches-needed pages and gave me your opinion on it, than just buying the book and not saying anything! So pleas enjoy my writing and don't be afraid to give me constructive criticism. Bye for now!

Areas of Expertise

I am a House keeper on the weekends, and also a professional artist full time. I love to sing and play piano. But I LOVE writing.

Writing has been the one thing that I never stopped and started doing again. It has just been a continuous flow ever since I was 11 years old and started writing my first book.

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