Robert Joiner

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand photo-journalist Robert Joiner has spent much of his career as a documentary photographer in television, film and print media.

Interest in a broader spectrum of creative projects led to university studies in the field of Arts Management and subsequent work in that area for about seven years before a move to Cambodia in 2003 prompted a return to his first passion for observing and recording people, places and events of interest.

As well as contributing to numerous local publications, producing a couple of calendars, doing a stint as Managing Editor on an in-flight tourism glossy, Robert worked pro bono on numerous assignments for organisations working in the disability sector. During his time in Cambodia, Robert also published two other books: Kings of the Road – a documentary on the lives of the cyclo (rickshaw) drivers of Phnom Penh; and Did You See This One? a treatise on hand-painted advertising art in Cambodia.

Books by Robert Joiner