Tom Repasky


I began playing and composing music on his parents piano at age 14, and began writing stories and poetry in the 60's. I discovered painting in the 70s with acrylics and oils. During the 80's my job as an engineer in the computer industry provided access to computers and 3d visualization of scientific data. By 1994 personal computers were beginning to capably support the mathematics necessary for 3d design and visualization. Because of my injuries from a childhood accident, using a paint brush became increasingly painful and so the computer became the brush, the media, and the medium. I called it Digital Art to begin with and then Digital Fine Art. website was published in 1995. Since then it has continued to grow and expand. During the 90's and received many awards for art, design, presentation and navigation.

I am self trained and developed my style and techniques through years of experimentation and exploration.

Books by Tom Repasky