Trevor Cobb

Springfield, MO

Writer | Designer | Activist | Artist

I'm a senior university student in the Midwest with dreams bigger than this country. I'm studying Writing, Spanish, and Graphic Design, and I hope to converge all of those talents in a career in politics, activism, travel, service, and general world changing shenanigans.

Somewhat of a social exhibitionist, I thrive off of the weird looks people give me when I wear a cow costume to class or vary appearance depending on the day of the week. I'm comfortable in the uncomfortable, and at home with the weird.

I'm over-excited and under-prepared for the world beyond undergrad, and I can't wait to begin doing what I love full time, ideally while getting paid for it. I'm optimistic and honest, confident and competent, and I hope you'll check out my work to see that for yourself.

Books by Trevor Cobb