Lorenzo Sala

Milan, Italy

Lorenzo Sala, Milan, 6 July 1972, Photographer

Newfound italian artist, he mainly shoots fine art nudes. His subjects can be anyone, from a famous model to the man who sells the bread next to his home. The struggle to find the beauty in each different body is making him loosing the way of the usual glam and sensual photos to the boundaries of bodyscapes and strong emotions.
The viewers usually gets distracted by what they see and for a moment forget that the person they are looking at is nude, there is always something different that grabs their attention. To pose for him means you are ready to show all the small imperfections that makes your own body so unique. It's a work on yourself, getting to know your body, accepting who you are, stretching for unusual poses that expose unseen sides of your body and finally relaxing and wonder in front of a newfound beauty of yourself.

Books by Lorenzo Sala