Tulio Seawright

Gold Coast, Australia

Tulio Seawright was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He bought his first camera at 20 and has been taking pictures ever since. He studied Journalism and Photography at university and also graduated as a Graphic Designer at the Australian International College of Arts. Through his exhibits and award-winning pictures, Tulio attempts to create a relationship between the audience and his photographic subjects. “I want the viewer to see these people as individuals, to know their names and a bit of their history, not just to view them as an anonymous part of some excluded group.” Tulio’s photographs explore themes of human, social and economic conflict. Tulio is driven by an innate curiosity and sense of wonder about the world and everyone in it. He has an uncanny ability to cross boundaries of culture to capture stories of human experience. After working six years for a newspaper in Brazil, he left for Australia to freelance.

Books by Tulio Seawright