Hector Colon

Bronx, NY USA

Hector was born and raised in the south bronx. Having seen the worst and the best of the concrete jungle is what inspired him to begin writing. The idea to create the "Unwritten" Saga stems from witnessing the mental and physical struggles people cope within their daily lives. He aims to bring awareness to those physical and mental struggles & hopes his books will inspire positive changes. Hector has a background in theatre and dance, and has had many accomplishments working as an activist throughout his youth. His first book, Unwritten: Stories of Life, Love, Liberty, & Pursuit, was published at only 17 years old. He plans to make a series based on his first novel and is currently working on his second one, which will be an autobiography based on his life. He plans on studying film to eventually have his autobiography made into an independent film, thus pursuing his life-long goal. He wants the audience to see the world through his eyes and believes the "Unwritten" saga is the key.

Books by Hector Colon