Martell Jones


I am an African American male who learned and knew himself and rose to grasp his inheritance and his/I/my word. for within any decree in god is the delegation of self, therefore if any self not be found how can one speak holy, worthy, lord, self, or god, truth, or good. I have studied since a young age, graciously enough the book I have written is me and it is the bearing of my fruits as well as the birth and beginning of my legacy. I have written this book the way I have because there is too much information to be had (lordly and godly by most) the one could attain but being abled and abounded by history I have left no way for one to attain such secrets in life god ninjutsu or of the lord and of his to come. such protects the proverb from the pro/perverse that all might bask in the light of days. This book is merely a beginning and yet the end of a long journey, there is a great study in the word and a great inheritance for he that inherits. -Peace Live Love Strong and Prosper-

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