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Val Ewing
Blurbarian Since September 2008
Name Val Ewing
My Web Site http://mulewings.blogspot.com/
Gender Female
My Bio I'm an avid photographer and writer. I'm not too serious about each of those jobs so I enjoy them immensely.

I started my 'Morris' and 'Toys' adventure on a whim and things have just gotten out of hand.

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Morris and friends need to think of a way to 'break' the Toy Tiger out of the house. He is no longer happy being just a toy in a basket.

How will it happen? What will happen? Will the farm animals help?
Stay tuned.
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
Have fun with imagination, that is what it is about. Read to your children! Let your children read to you!

Make up stories, let your imagination run wild.
My husband says mine runs away with me.