Virginia Lichac

Port O'Connor, Texas

As artist, writer, photographer, bird watcher, avid reader, gardener, lover of animals, wild and domestic, environmentalist, adventurer, traveler, movie and computer enthusiast, I look forward to every day to embrace and involve myself in the wonderful world that Our Creator has created! My husband and I are transplants from being “country” folks in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California to being “outskirts of town” folks on the flats of the Gulf Coast of Texas. Having moved to Port O’Connor, Texas, two years ago we now are settled in our new stilt home which we designed and had built especially for our tastes and life style. Living in such a large state, we find exploring new towns, beaches, and country sides is an endless pursuit and so much fun. We always say there can’t be too many adventures in life and we aim to do as many of ‘em as possible! Praise the Lord!

Books by Virginia Lichac