Victoria Fabling

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria Theresa Fabling was raised in Yorkshire, England and worked in London where she became the ‘busiest graphologist,’ often doing 50 reports a week. She immigrated to British Columbia, Canada in 1998.

Her greatest teachers were the mystics Shakespeare and Wordsworth. Three key books, The Celestine Prophecy, The Little Prince and The Alchemist also inspired her, acting as invisible friends. It is Victoria's wish that you consult this book like a friend, allowing it to enrich your life and create a ripple effect around you.

Victoria became a writer at the age of eight, when she created the children’s book Woodland Friends. She first launched The World is Your Success in 1997 and has since published Fabling’s Fables. These are all available in book form and audio through www.fablingsfables.com.

In addition to writing, Victoria is an experienced graphologist and Spiritual healer. You can view many remarkable testimonials under ‘Real Results’ in www.myspiritualmentor.com.

Books by Victoria Fabling