Vic DeLeon

Seattle WA

Vic DeLeon is a resident of Seattle. He was raised simultaneously in Los Angeles and Miami where he was exposed to the vivid, glamorous, and sometimes outlandish imagery propagated by the fashion and film industries. He is a classically trained fine artist and professional visual designer specializing in artistic portraiture with an emphasis on retro and trashy-glam styling. His passions include shooting traditional fashion, edgy beauty, and dangerous wildlife.

Vic’s portrait photography is a reflection and regurgitation of a lifetime of accrued memories and memes. Some are serene, some are wild, most are provocative. All break the traditional rules of photography.

He recently opened a studio in Seattle's Capitol Hill and is constantly expanding his portfolio. His current works can be seen on his website at SHOTMAGNET.COM

In his spare time Vic sculpts digital environments for videogames.

Follow him on Twitter @vicdeleon

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