Victor Humphreys


I was born in the DERN Universe the sister universe of the DAL Universe. My Sol is located in a beautiful spiral galaxy with milky arms. I am a part of the human race a race with almost 40,353,607 planetary civilizations with over 343 skin colors. Our Milkyway Galaxy has nearly 7.5 million human civilizations alone. I have incarnated as human for the past 40 millions years and will continue to do so until I have learned everything I can as a human. Currently I live as a man named Victor Jay Humphreys a descendant of the only native race of Terra and of the Lyrian race.
Only once before have I incarnated on Terra reminds me of the smell of sweet grass and clean waters. Bamboo forests and my death by the blade. In this life time my planet has been murdered and my race has been in slavery. Slavery of the spirit, and of mind we have been given a fake idea of time a false calendar feed lies of what is real. Taking us the true path of nature time, and the time of the stars.